Locations: Southview

Ministry Objectives

Through Love You Des Moines, we seek to bless the community, show authentic compassion, connect through outreach, and love all generations.


  • Serve and love the greater Des Moines community.
  • Expand our ministries to the people of greater Des Moines for positive community betterment.
  • Work with community groups to serve the people of greater Des Moines in a wide variety of activities and events
  • Share the facilities with partners in Christian ministry to advance common Christ-centered goals.  


  • Greatly expand our compassion ministries. 
  • Continue to expand our ministry to the disability community, serving greater numbers of people with special needs and disabilities and their families and friends. 
  • Serve economically disadvantaged people, internationals, and others in transition through human services, practical life-skills training, mentoring, and real-life acts of good works done in the name of Christ.   


  • Expand our outreach of good works and good news through sports outreach, including Upward Sports and many other community-oriented sports, recreation, health, and fitness outreach programs. 
  • Provide meeting space for community groups, support groups, marriage and family enrichment, explorer groups, Bible studies, prayer groups, arts, music, theater, mom’s groups, play groups, conferences, worship venues, and more to gather.
  • Offer ministries that are designed to reach out to people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, language, disability, and nationality.   


  • Provide a gathering place for all generations to experience healthy relationships, community bridges, and life-changing conversations. 
  • Host a variety of ministries, events, and programs for: children and their parents, young adults (single and married), people who are single or single again, boomers entering their 'encore' season, junior and senior high students, married couples, grandparents, and seniors.