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Missionary Highlight: Al and Edie Lewis

Today's Missionary Highlight: Al and Edie Lewis

Serving with ReachGlobal

1. Tell us about your family.

We have four grown children and 14 grandchildren. Our youngest daughter moved last year from Fort Dodge to Louisville, Kentucky where her husband pastors an EFCA church. In her absence we decided to move this fall to Loveland, Colorado where our son is planting an EFCA church. Our other two daughters live near Minneapolis and Cedar Rapids. We are so thankful that all of our children are faithfully following Christ.

2. How would you summarize your ministry?

We often comment that we have the best jobs in the world. We love what we do, and God is using us to make big differences in many peoples’ lives. We train pastors and ministry wives in developing countries how to study and teach the Bible and then how to train others to do so, as well. Al has recruited and leads a team of four other men, and together we are training in 17 countries. So far about 5,000 pastors have taken part in our training. We also train US pastors and women who then are mobilized to train with us. We have four teams of Central District pastors who are beginning training in three locations in India and Nepal this April. Al has also written a Bible study book called Pathways Bible Study Method, which is being used to train lay people in the US how to effectively study the Bible.

3. Favorite non-ministry activity:

We love being outdoors, seeing new places, and visiting with family and friends in our home. We are looking forward to hunting and fishing in Colorado.

4. how you have seen God work recently?

While working through the book of Philippians, Edie was teaching a group of women in India when the Lord led her to have them list aspects of the gospel that they had seen in the book. She then asked them to create a typical scenario that they might face with other women who might come to them for help. They then did a role-playing exercise about how to share the gospel from Philippians with such a woman. It was a new experience for the women, but they enjoyed it and learned a lot. The next morning one woman shared how a woman in desperate need who she did not know had come to her in the night, and she had used the model they had learned and had led the woman to Christ. The group was so amazed and we all had a great celebration of God’s goodness.

Al commonly has pastors who enter our training, which takes place in nine workshops over three years, go from not knowing how to study or preach the Bible at all to presenting outstanding sermons at the end. The impact in their churches is amazing. One pastor told the story that his church was being apposed by a group of radicals. They had protested in the street to have the church run out of its building. The congregation was afraid until they remembered that the pastor had just preached through Habakkuk, one of the books we study in our training. There they had learned that we can trust God in any situation. They decided to trust God in this situation. Later the police came and arrested the protesters for something unrelated. 


Thanks so much to Al and Edie for sharing this brief look into their life on the mission field. More missionary highlights are coming soon!

Posted by Valley Church Communications at 8:00 AM