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Missionary Highlight: Dave and Karen

Today's Missionary Highlight: dave and karen

Serving with pact


1. Tell us about your family.

     Karen and I have been on the staff with an international ministry for 35 and 40 years respectively.  We have three children, Michael, Sarah and Joanna.  Michael and Sarah were born in Istanbul, Turkey and Joanna in Paris, France. Michael married Lauren in March 2016 and Joanna and Colin in April 2016.  Sarah finishes her MA in Disaster Management from the U. of HI in December.  She is preparing for a career  providing Humanitarian Aid in the event of natural disasters. Dave started in ministry at the U. of Nebraska and Karen at Ohio State.  We served in Turkey, Cyprus and France between 1980-1992.  We were then involved in Muslim international student ministry at Iowa State and across the USA from 1993 until 2011 when Dave joined the PACT team while Karen remains involved with the international student ministry at Iowa State.  Karen is from Marshalltown and is an Iowa State grad.  Dave is from the Chicago area.

2. How would you summarize your ministry?

    Dave serves as the Chief of Staff for the PACT (Persia, Armenia, Central Asia and Turkey) Area team.  He is also Director of Development which primarily involves training staff to raise funds for their personal ministries as well as projects.  Dave served as interim leader of the ministry in Turkey for three years ending in August 2016.

3. Favorite non-ministry activity:

  Dave enjoys backpacking, swimming and watching sports.  Karen likes any activity which involves family.  Her mother was one of 11 and her father of 8.  I think about half of central Iowa is related to her in some way.

4. how you have seen God work recently?       

  On a recent trip, I (Dave) was returning from Kyrgyzstan but it had been snowing for 3 days.  I was dropped off at the airport in Bishkek by the staff I was there working with.  The flight was delayed and finally they closed the airport before I could get out.  I didn't have a phone to make contact with the local staff and only had a little bit of cash.  I don't speak any Russian or the Kyrgyz language and I hadn't had anything to eat.  As the flight was delayed the airline first brought hot drinks for the waiting passengers and as the delay continued brought sandwiches.  Then when the flight was cancelled the airline organized transportation back to the city and provided a hotel and meals until I was able to leave 24 hours later.  Consider what the airlines do in the USA when there are delays or cancellations due to weather- maybe say sorry?  I felt God caring for me and providing the whole time.


 -  Pray for our national staff in Central Asia as they have huge challenges in finding the funding for their ministries.  Pray God shows us how we can help them so that all He has called to vocational Christian ministry have the funding to care for their families and carry out their ministries.

- Pray for our staff to carry out their ministries under difficult circumstances because of the challenges of the primary religion of the area- Islam.  Pray for God's protection.

- Pray for two refugee ministries in Turkey.  One is to those who have been displaced from Iraq and Syria because of ISIS.  Their numbers are well over 2 million.  The other is to Iranians who have fled their country looking for freedom- spiritually, economically, and freedom of thought/speech.  The Iranians are very open to the Gospel.  The estimate is there are 10,000 Iranian believers in Turkey, double the number of Turkish believers (5,000) in the entire country of 80 million people.

-  Karen and I will travel together to Turkey the end of January for a staff conference for the 150 staff serving in Turkey, which includes 40 Turkish nationals.  The others come from 19 other countries to work with the same ministry in Turkey.  This conference will be the official start for the new country director, David Eaves, from New Zealand.  Pray for him, his wife Ros and high school age children Sarah and Nathan, that God would protect and provide for them and give him wisdom in this enormous role.

Thanks so much to Dave and Karen for sharing this brief look into your life on the mission field. 

Posted by Nikki Twedt at 8:00 AM