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Missionary Highlight: David and Connie Stilley

Today's Missionary Highlight: David and Connie Stilley

Serving ReachGlobal

1. Tell us about your family.

Connie and David Stilley have been married 39 years. We have four adult children and six grandchildren. Our daughter, Cara Blum, and her family live in Waukee, and her husband Scott Blum serves on the Valley Church Servant Team. Their children are Ethan (14), Taylor (6), and Carson (3). Our son, Luke, also lives in Waukee and remains single. Two other kids live in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Jordan Stilley and his wife Shawna just welcomed Kian James Stilley to the world in March as their first child. Joshua and Julie Stilley have Addy (3) and Ben (6 months). It is a real blessing that all our kids are within a two-hour drive of home!

2. How would you summarize your ministry?

Connie and I are honored and blessed to be sought out by ReachGlobal, the missions movement of EFCA churches, to serve at the Chief Medical Officer for World Missions. Our primary responsibility is overseeing the medical care and health of over 500 missionaries and their families worldwide on an as-needed basis. I also screen every applicant for both short-term and long-term missionary service for any medical conditions that may adversely affect their success and safety overseas. We have also committed to making sure every one of the 3500 EFCA Global Fingerprints-sponsored children worldwide get a screening exam at least once by a medical team. We also hope to connect American medical persons from all EFCA churches with an opportunity to take a short term-medical missions trip to broaden their world view!

3. Favorite non-ministry activity:

Playing with our grandchildren, of course! We also manage several businesses outside of medicine.

4. how you have seen God work recently?

While attending Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville in November 2015, I prayed the final morning during devotions for at least one more person to volunteer to join our team going to India in January 2016. Less than two hours later, a young woman walked up to the EFCA booth and said, “I am traveling to India in January. Do you know anyone taking a medical team to India in January that I could join?” And she did! Talk about a quick answer!

5. Prayer Requests

God has done amazing things to free up Dave’s schedule from his practice to be able to travel. While God has provided wonderful partners to help with the expenses of travel and the supplies we take with us, we are in need some additional financial support to cover these expenses. This financial support will not be used as salary support, as we are funding this from Dave’s practice of medicine. Pray also for God to raise up medical volunteers to see Global Fingerprints kids and to respond to other short-term missions opportunities.


Thanks so much to Dave and Connie for sharing this brief look into their life on the mission field. More missionary highlights are coming soon!


Posted by Valley Church Communications at 4:40 PM