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Missionary Highlight: Stefanos and Manon Mihalios

Today's Missionary Highlight: Stefanos and Manon Mihalios

Serving in Athens, Greece

1. Tell us about your family.

While born in different countries (Stefanos in USA; Manon in Indonesia), we are both Greek by descent and were raised in Athens, Greece. Our relationship began during our studies at the Greek Bible College, and we have now been married for 17 years. These years have been a blend of serving the Lord in Greece, continuing studies for Stefanos at TEDS and Wheaton College (PhD), and helping start the Greek Community Church in Chicago. We currently have no children, but our lives are enriched by our many nieces and nephews. 

2. How would you summarize your ministry?

Our main focus in Greece is the development of well-trained national leaders. We have joined the faculty/staff at the Greek Bible College where we serve through teaching, administration, and spiritual formation. The Greek Bible College is the only Bible institution in Greece and has served the evangelical churches in a substantial way. In addition, we hope to see new healthy churches being established. In partnership with the First Greek Evangelical Church, we currently oversee the planting of a new church in Kypseli, the most densely populated area in Athens.

3. Favorite non-ministry activity:

A common favorite activity is playing board games together and with friends. Also, Stefanos enjoys reading books and watching movies; Manon finds listening to music and playing with dogs relaxing and fun!

4. how you have seen God work recently?

One day at the Greek Bible College, four of our students shared a story of how God led them in a ministry visit to a rural area of Greece. The visit occurred right after our college had traveled through this area to encourage scattered believers in small rural churches. The students described how the Lord opened doors to preach the gospel and display the love of Christ; their faces were beaming. We felt like we were living a New Testament moment. Since then, the students have consistently visited that area, and now a gospel ministry among Roma has sprouted. One of the students later remarked: “The trip to the Peloponnese has radically changed my direction in life!” We rejoice in students who are co-workers in the making!  

“Melissa” is an 11-year-old girl from the Kypseli neighborhood. She has only been attending our Sunday school classes for the past couple of months and with great joy welcomed the New Testament we gave her (with her mother’s approval). When back in class after receiving it, she pointed to her book marker stating: “Look how much I’ve read already! I’ve been reading a little every night!” Then, during the lesson, she points to the cover where she had written: “Christ is my treasure!”

5. Prayer Requests

We praise God with you:

  • For an increased number of our graduates entering full-time ministry, especially in a country with only a couple handfuls of full-time pastors.
  • For our upcoming first baptism service in the Kypseli church plant and for getting ready to launch the church this coming fall.
  • For friends and family that love us and encourage us.  

We ask your prayers:

  • For a much needed time of personal rest and renewal.
  • For scholarships to help cover Greek students’ tuition who struggle to find work due to the economic crisis.
  • For the spiritual revival of Greece and the Greek people

Thanks so much to Stefanos and Manon for sharing this brief look into their life on the mission field. More missionary highlights are coming soon!

Posted by Valley Church Communications at 10:39 AM