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Missionary Highlight: The Carey Family

Today's Missionary Highlight: The Carey Family

Serving in Kenya

1. Tell us about your family.

Corey and Tiffany Carey were raised in the mountains of Colorado. We met in college, were married in 2001, and Corey began working in youth ministry shortly thereafter. It was a youth pastor position which brought us to Iowa in 2004. Corey worked at Valley Church from 2009-2012 in Children’s Ministry as the 5th-8th grade youth pastor. We have two children, Dane and Finley, who were two and four years old when we left America. God called our family to a different ministry at Rift Valley Academy in 2012. We have been amazed at the seemingly random mishmash of skills and experiences that God used to equip us for being dorm parents. 

2. How would you summarize your ministry?

Our family serves at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, East Africa. RVA is a boarding school primarily for children of missionaries serving on the continent of Africa. RVA serves about 500 students, and 24 of them live with our family in Nyati Dorm. Our dorm houses boys in their junior and senior years of high school. As dorm parents it is our job to offer support, encouragement, and guidance to the boys in our dorm. We act as pseudo-parents while their parents work to advance the gospel among African peoples. The boys are in our home nine months out of every year and become surrogate members of our family. Our job is mainly relational. As we live day-to-day with these young men, we hope to prepare them for life after graduation and encourage their faith. We hold weekly dorm meetings for a focused time of devotion and fellowship, and the rest of the week we just live as one big happy family. We cheer them on at sporting events, concerts, and dramas; we offer advice about relationships, give hair cuts and band-aids; and we remind them to finish their homework or clean their rooms. This kind of discipleship-based ministry is our passion, and we are always grateful that God has called us into these unique roles. Over the past four years we have been asked to serve in multiple secondary jobs at RVA. These ever-changing titles have included Student Chaplain, Bible Teacher, Coach, Preschool Teacher, Student Supporter, and Kindergarten Teacher.

3. Favorite non-ministry activity:

Corey - weekly basketball games with the staff, mountain bike riding, bird watching, hiking
Tiffany - playing games, crafting
Dane – reading, riding his bike
Finley – art, writing

4. how you have seen God work recently?

One of the most exciting aspects of our ministry in the dorm is the impact these boys will make on eternity. When they graduate from RVA and leave our home, many go on to study in fields such as medicine, engineering, aviation, and politics--priming their future for world altering ministry. Because of their unique upbringing as missionary kids, they are used to living counter-cultural lifestyles and shining light into the darkness. So far we have had the privilege of discipling 48 boys in our home, many of those 48 will choose to spend their lives working to advance the kingdom of heaven. It is this multiplication that makes our work significant. In our lifetime, we will probably not save a dying child, or translate the bible into a tribal language, or start an underground church, but they will. The ministry that we are doing in Nyati Dorm has impact far beyond RVA and reaches people we will never meet.

5. Praises and prayer requests

We praise God for every day we get to spend in this wonderful place. Praise God for our supporters whose prayers and sacrificial giving enables us to continue our work here. 
Pray for our son Dane who has had some ongoing health problems related to tick bites. Pray that our relationships with the boys in our dorm would be authentic and life giving. Pray that God would sustain us and give us energy to accomplish His will; we cannot do it in our own strength.


Thanks so much to the Carey family for sharing this brief look into their life on the mission field. Watch for more missionary highlights in coming weeks!

Posted by Valley Church Communications at 10:05 AM