High School

High School Ministry: 9th-12th grade

We want to mobilize 9th-12th grade students' God-given potential to deeply love Christ and their neighbors. We believe this happens most effectively through Christ-centered relationships with peers and adult leaders, biblical teaching, and discussion time. Ultimately, we want to support parents as the main spiritual influence in their kids' lives.

Sunday Evening Program: 6:00-8:00pm in the Student Ministries Room 
The High School Ministry (HSM) includes 9th-12th graders from a dozen schools in central Iowa. Our time together includes engaging worship, relevant teaching, and time spent with adult leaders in Student Life Groups (SLGs). HSM encourages student spiritual formation by heavliy emphasizing student connections with peers and adult leaders.

Sunday Morning Program: 9:30-10:45am in the Student Ministries Room 
We offer a weekly theology class on Sunday mornings as a supplement to attending one of the main Valley worship services with your family. This is a time to dig deeper into the Bible and discover more about God and our faith. We will hear from different teachers and have discussion time with adult leaders to apply what we learn together.

Contact Dan or Mackenzie if you have questions about the High School Ministry.