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recommended books for parents of 6th-8th grade students

Boundaries With Teens

By John Townsend


Teenagers! You love them to pieces ... but sometimes you feel like the pieces are falling apart Relax! Your sanity will survive these rocky teenage years, and so will your teens---provided you set healthy boundaries that work to their benefit and yours. Boundaries with Teens shows you how. From bestselling author and counselor Dr. John Townsend, here is the expert insight and guidance you need to help your teens take responsibility for their actions, attitudes, and emotions and gain a deeper appreciation and respect both for you and for themselves. With wisdom and empathy, Dr. Townsend, a father of two teens himself, applies biblically based principles for the challenging task of guiding your children through the teen years. Boundaries with Teens can help you establish wise and loving limits that make a positive difference in your adolescent, in the rest of your family, and in you.



Enjoy Your Middle Schooler

By Wayne Rice


Does your child - switch moods every five minutes? - ask you to drop her off a block away from school? - decorate his bedroom in "early landfill"? - answer all questions with "I dunno" and "Nuthin"? Congratulations! Chances are you're the parent of a middle schooler -- an eleven-to-fourteen-year-old who is going through a "second birth," changing from child to adult. If you are more terrified of adolescence than you are of childbirth, Enjoy Your Middle Schooler is the book for you. Just as birthing classes help you to relax by telling you what to do and what to expect, so does veteran youth worker and parent Wayne Rice coach you on what to expect from a middle schooler. The result? You can relax and enjoy your child's middle-school years instead of suffering through them. (The design and formatting of this book are a bit outdated, but its insight and wisdom remain up-to-date and applicable for parents today!)



Facing the Facts: The Truth About Sex and You

By Brenna Jones and Stan Jones


Designed for children ages 11-14, Facing the Facts, book four in the “God’s Design for Sex” series, equips kids to understand and deal with the changes of puberty. It also examines why God intends sex for marriage, discusses love and dating, and answers tough questions about sexuality.



Five Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter

By Vicki Courtney


From the cradle to college, tell your daughters the truth about life before they believe the culture’s lies. For mothers with girls newborn to eighteen, Five Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter is an important resource. Youth culture commentator Vicki Courtney helps moms pinpoint and prepare the discussions that should be ongoing in their daughters' formative years. The book is linked to online bonus features offering invaluable tips on having these conversations across the various stages of development: five and under, six to eleven, twelve and up.



Five Conversations You Must Have With Your Son

By Vicki Courtney


From the cradle to college, tell your sons the truth about life before they believe the culture's lies. For parents with boys newborn to eighteen, 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son will be as much a part of the boyhood journey as those Legos you're still finding under the sofa cushions and the garage full of sports equipment. Award-winning youth culture commentator Vicki Courtney helps moms and dads pinpoint and prepare the discussions that should be ongoing in a boy's formative years. The book offers invaluable tips on having these conversations across the various stages of development: five and under, six to eleven, and twelve and up.



Sticky Faith

By Kara Powell and Chap Clark


Nearly every Christian parent in America would give anything to find a viable resource for developing within their kids a deep, dynamic faith that 'sticks' long term. Sticky Faith delivers. Research shows that almost half of graduating high school seniors struggle deeply with their faith. Recognizing the ramifications of that statistic, the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) conducted the 'College Transition Project' in an effort to identify the relationships and best practices that can set young people on a trajectory of lifelong faith and service. Based on FYI findings, this easy-to-read guide presents both a compelling rationale and a powerful strategy to show parents how to actively encourage their children's spiritual growth so that it will stick to them into adulthood and empower them to develop a living, lasting faith.



The 5 Love Languages of Children

By Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell


Everything depends on the love relationship between you and your child. When children feel loved, they do their best. But how can you make sure your child feels loved? Since 1992, Dr. Gary Chapman's best-selling book The 5 Love Languages has helped millions of  couples develop stronger, more fulfilling relationships by teaching them to speak each others' love language. Each child, too, expresses and receives love through one of five different communication styles. And your love language may be totally different from that of your child. While you are doing all you can to show your child love, he may be hearing it as something completely opposite. Discover your child's primary language and learn what you can do to effectively convey unconditional feelings of respect, affection, and commitment that will resonate in your child's emotions and behavior.



What’s The Big Deal: Why God Cares About Sex

By Brenna Jones and Stan Jones


Written for children ages 8-11, What's the Big Deal?, book three in the “God’s Design for Sex” series, helps kids find answers to their questions about sex. It explains the basic facts about sex, why God made adults so they want to have sex, what God says about sex in the Bible, and how to respond when faced with sexual pressure from peers, TV, movies, and magazines.