Saints Alive

Weekend Worship Times


Main Campus

Saturday at 5:30 pm
Sunday at 8:15, 9:30, 11 AM

Valley Community Center

Maplenol Cafe
Sunday at 9:30 AM

Saints Alive

Second Wednesday of the Every Month
11:30 am in the Valley Church Chapel

Join us for this monthly gathering of great fellowship and entertainment! We enjoy a meal together and intentionally connect with others.

Reserve your spot this month by calling the church at 515.226.9973! Lunch is $8.00.

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, January 9               RSVP by Friday, January 4
Wednesday, February 13          RSVP by Friday, February 8
Wednesday, March 13               RSVP by Friday, March 8
Wednesday, APRIL 10                  RSVP by Friday, APRIL 5
Wednesday, MAY 8                      RSVP by Friday, MAY 3
Wednesday, JUNE 12                   RSVP by Friday, JUNE 7
Wednesday, JULY 10                 RSVP by Friday, JULY 5

                             AUGUST - NO LUNCH

Wednesday, September 11        RSVP by Friday, September 6
Wednesday, October 9             RSVP by Friday, October 4 
Wednesday, November 13        RSVP by Friday, November 8 
Wednesday, December 11         RSVP by Friday, December 6