Weekend Worship Times


Main Campus

Saturday at 5:30 pm
Sunday at 8:15, 9:30, 11 AM

Valley Community Center

Maplenol Cafe
Sunday at 9:30 AM


Weekend Worship Connector

Creating a worship experience that is distraction-free and focused on the gospel is an essential element of every weekend service. Connectors are responsible for welcoming guests to the worship service, giving each guest a worship folder, helping them find a seat, and minimizing distractions so that they are relaxed and ready to focus all their attention to the worship service. People are creatures of habit and tend to sit in the same section of church each week, and this gives connectors the unique opportunity to interact with and get to know guests on a more personal level. Connectors also collect offering near the end of each service.   

Do you enjoy building relationships and helping people feel valued, included, and “part of the family”? Join the Connector team!